Success Stories

Capability Development

  • Successfully trained, within 18 Months, 100 Diploma & Degree Graduates to be competent Technicians & Panel Operators at various PETRONAS Refineries & Petrochemical Plants.

  • Provided experienced & internationally renowned assessors for PETRONAS’ Technical Professionals in 5 different Skill Groups with over 70 TPs successfully assessed over a period of 3 years.

  • Successfully developed and implemented the Competency Development Management System (CDMS) for Malaysia LNG Sdn Bhd (MLNG) to ensure that all of MLNG’s Technical personnel are trained and developed properly to ensure high competency & uniformed standard of performance across the plant.

  • Provided assistance and consultancy to a Refinery in Vietnam with regards to end to end capability assessment, gap recognition, recommendations & gap closure activities to all technical & non technical personnel. Provided updated and industry-best standards Job Decsription, Technical Inventories, Rulers, assessment processes and training programmes that have improved performance and productivity of the Refinery.

  • Provided various in-house training programmes to PETRONAS that cover HSE and Process Safety Management (Pre-Activity Safety Review, Process Hazard Analysis, etc.) These programmes have improved staff competencies and capabilities in executing their tasks safely.

Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)

  • Provided experienced and highly capable Technical Safety Specialists to assist PETRONAS Upstream in verifying and endorsing HSE Cases developed for all of PETRONAS Upstream assets.

  • Managed and led the development of 25 (twenty five) L1, L2 and L3 HSE Training Modules for Group HSE Division, PETRONAS and conducted Train of Trainers (TOT) for INSTEP on the Modules.

  • Provided analysis and Developed a database of 724 HSE incidents for PETRONAS Group HSE Division (GHSED). Also performed detailed analysis of 41 completed Incidents Reports and conducted analysis from other sources such as Tier 3 Audits, OPU Behavioral Safety Observation and Lloyd’s HSE Culture Survey in order to find out & confirm that those findings are common trend of root causes causing the failure of barriers and recovery measures in the implementation of the HSE Management System. Provided some recommendations to GHSED for the immediate, medium and long term action plans to overcome issues and close the required gaps

  • Implemented, through a Principal, Behavioural Safety improvement programme to a PSC and PETRONAS owned manufacturing yard for the construction team of the PSC’s offshore asset at the PETRONAS owned manufacturing yard. Successfully reduced the numbers of LTI for the project.

Human Capital Services

Have successfully managed about 1000 personnel assigned to companies in various industries (Oil & Gas, Facilities Management, Transportation, Healthcare, Property Development & Management). Managed sourcing, recruitment, payroll, performance assessment and management, training and development of these personnel to ensure efficient and optimum operations and management of the companies.

Operational Excellence

Provided over 50 experienced consultants to assist and advise various companies in the Oil & Gas Industry in the areas of:

  • Petrochemical & Refinery Operations & Maintenance
  • Upstream Assets Operations & Maintenance
  • Operational Readiness & Procedures for Upstream & Downstream Assets