About Us

"Excellence through and through"


Mentor Solutions & Resources Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated on 22 November 2007 and commenced operations in June 2008. We specializes in providing consultancy in Health, Safety & Environment (HSE), Capability Development, Human Capital Services, Technical Services and Information, Communication & Technology (ICT). We are focused towards serving not only in the oil & gas industry but also in the transportation, facilities management, hotel and many more. Our strength and depth comes from the vast experience of our directors and consultants that have been serving in the oil & gas industry for more than 30 years.


To be preferred one-stop consultancy, solutions and services center for Technical Health Safety Environment (HSE), Capability Development, Human Capital and Information, Communication Technologies (ICT) in Oil & Gas and other industries.


  • Providing excellence, quality & innovative in services and solutions that satisfy the needs of our clients.
  • Providing effective leadership, great team work and commitment on our deliverable.
  • Providing competent, capable & responsible human capital to deliver operational works and businesses.
  • Providing continuous & holistic capability development to improve people’s capabilities and competencies.
  • Prioritizing Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) in every aspect of our work and deliverable to the highest standard.
  • Providing comprehensive suite of Information & Communication Technologies (ICT).

Core Values


We are mentor, we lead by example. We maintain a persistent belief in mentoring. We coach and guide with our enthusiasm and dedications to the people and organization that we serve. With great leadership quality, effective communication and great team work will inspire to a great success.


We shall act our professionalism in providing high level of preficiency, productivity, quality and reliability to achieve excellent services & satisfaction in whatever we do.


We continuously encourage and develop people for building up the right capabilities and competencies. We are ready for any transformation and shall learn and keep on learning for continuous improvement.


We conduct our business with the highest standard of ethics. We act and prioritize integrity, honesty and reliability among each other. We share our values and embed them into our culture as our backbone in our business conduct in any duties we operate.


We value opportunity because each individual and company success enriches us all. Everyone has equal opportunity to grow. We create, seek and take every opportunity for us to explore, learn, share knowledge and experiences to progress expand and build for the future.


We are committed to being a responsible and accountable for our actions and interactions in every community in which we operate. We respect and value our people, clients and any entity that is directly or indirectly to us in all aspects of our business.

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